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Who We Are?

Zuma Impex is an export oriented company which mainly deals in cereals and spices. We wish to take forward India’s enviable heritage in food trade to new heights. It is engaged in the import and export of food grains & spices in International market. Zuma Impex is a prominent player in India’s ever-growing food industry, which has also gained repute as the largest domestic market for spices in the world. Zuma Impex supplies food grains & spices in the global market and has earned a reputation in the international markets for the quality, texture, aroma and overall high grade of the cereals and spices it trades in. In has become one among the most trusted names in spices industry for international customers.

What We Mainly Deal-In



Chilli Dry, Whole Chilli with or without stem, Powder



Parboiled Rice, Sona Masoori Steam, White Rice



Turmeric whole Finger, Bulb, Powder

These are the Few of Food Items which we deal in. Zuma Impex trades in more than 75 varieties of food items & spices grown in India. It is especially known for its most popular products Rice, Turmeric and Chili products.

Key Features

Range of Products

sortedToday, India continues to carry forward its rich heritage in food products by remaining the prime destination for spices in the world. In fact, the Indian food & spice market has gained repute as the one of world’s largest domestic market. Even globally, India continues to dominate the market by being not only the world’s largest consumer and producer but also the largest exporter of spices. It is known to produce almost 75 varieties of spices from among the 109 varieties listed by the International Organization for Standardization

Customer Satisfaction

PricingZuma Impex is committed to the values of honesty and customer satisfaction. Zuma Impex only trades in products of the highest grade and standard. In fact, all products purchased from Zuma Impex in fact carry a guarantee of quality of taste safety of consumption. In the age of rampant adulteration of food products around the world, Zuma Impex recognizes the concerns and needs of customers and stands as assurance for quality. Zuma Impex intends to continue to uphold the reputation it has built for both quality and customer satisfaction.

Import & Export

ExportSome of the main customers of Zuma Impex are countries from Middle east, East Africa and West Africa and various other top countries whose numbers are around 7-8 & these countries are some of biggest consumers for Indian grown spices. Zuma Impex trades in many of the 75 odd varieties of Food Items & spices grown in India. It is especially known for its most popular products Rice, Turmeric and Chili Peppers.

Support in Business

SupportWe not provide top quality products but also provide support to our customers in every possible way. This is one of the main reason why our clients love us so much. Whatever information you need prior to buying products, we never hesitate to pass the information of all our products and explain the features to the maximum and required extent. Our support makes sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

The Quality of Products which Zuma Impex Provides in unmatchable in this Competitive Market.

Anuj Singh

Quality Inspector

Javeed is Amazing when it comes to sorting best quality grains. It’s our Pleasure that we have such an expert supplier.

Mark Walter

Sales Manager

Zuma Impex never fails to impress when it comes to the quality of the product. Price & Support is simply Amazing. Hats-off to You Guys.

Satish Kumar

Marketing Expert

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